South New Milford offers Sunday School classes for all ages. Below, you can see the adult classes currently being offered.
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Pre-school and Pre-K Curriuclum:

Elementary Curriculum:


Junior & Senior High School students:
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2019 Fall quarter adult CLASSES

Beginning September 1st



Teacher: Janet Moody

Classroom: Youth Chapel

Ongoing class: It seems the big sins grab all the headlines. But what about jealousy, selfishness, greed, and "little" faults we live with every day? Opening our eyes to the spiritual dangers of "acceptable" transgressions, this study urges us to thoughtfully examine our lives and turn away from more subtle negative behaviors.




Teacher: Joel Cook

Classroom: Gymnasium Right

The Doctrine of God is a study in theology proper, looking at what the Scriptures teach about the living and one true God. This class will cover the knowledge of God, His revelation, perfections, His names and attributes, as well as the Trinity. A great review of theology for seasoned Christians and introduction for new believers.




Teacher: Pastor Kevin Radford

Classroom: TBD

How do we free ourselves from the grip of fear and the accompanying stress that takes a toll on our lives physically, emotionally, mentally? In this study you'll discover the answer—an answer that will enable you to walk in faith and freedom, no matter what circumstances loom in your life.



Ladies Class


Teacher: Amy Radford

Classroom: Room 203

Is there an ache in your heart that keeps you up at night? A prayer you pray over and over again? Jesus wants to meet you in those moments of struggle and help you through.

Finding I AM  is a study that takes you to the ancient streets of Israel to find Biblical truth that speaks today. You'll explore the seven I AM statements of Jesus found in the Gospel of John and in doing so become empowered to trade feelings of depletion and hurt for wholeness in knowing who Jesus is like never before.






Teacher: Lloyd Sheldon

Classroom: Gymnasium Left

The gospel of Matthew helps us get to know Jesus the king. Life Application Bible Studies are thought-provoking and give you everything you need to understand God’s Word and apply it to your life. This class is an application oriented approach to Bible study.