South New Milford offers Sunday School classes for all ages. Below, you can see the adult classes currently being offered.
Please stop by the Welcome Center to pick up a layout of the church to see locations. 

Pre-school and Pre-K Curriuclum:

Elementary & Junior High Boys Curriculum:


Senior High School students:
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2018 spring quarter adult CLASSES

Beginning march 4th



Teacher: Janet Moody

Classroom: Youth Chapel

None Like Him (ongoing class)

As people with limited understanding, we tend to imagine a heavenly Father who is like us. This study reminds us that our Creator possesses many attributes we don't---and that's a good thing! Take a closer look at the God who is infinitely knowable, creative, able to provide, timeless, unchanging, powerful, wonderful, and more.




Teacher: Pastor Kevin Radford

Classroom: Gymnasium

The Peacemaking Church

In this study we will learn to embrace a ‘Culture of Peace,’ where church members truly live out the gospel in their relationships and where the blessings of peace follow: strengthened marriages and families, healthier churches, and a thriving, gospel-centered ministry.  Building a Culture of Peace doesn’t happen overnight, though; it’s a journey. Join us as we discover the steps to peacemaking in the church and everyday life.


Ladies class


Teacher: Amy Radford

Classroom: Room 203

How to Study Your Bible

Want to dive deeper into Scripture? Learn to cultivate the skills of observation, interpretation, and application - and become an active participant in God's Word! This dynamic study presents a systematic approach that includes keywords, context studies, comparisons and contrasts, topical studies, and more. A life-changing study to help you live boldly in God's truths!





Teacher: Lloyd Sheldon

Classroom: Gymnasium

The Gospel of John

We all long for a full, rich, satisfying life. But how do we fill up the empty places in our soul? How can we quench our thirst for something deeper, more lasting, more meaningful? John urges us to take a fresh look at Jesus. He invites us to renew our faith in the One who promises to be the way to true life.





Teachers: Anthony Albano

Classroom: Back Left of Sanctuary

Jesus Christ: Teacher, Servant & Savior

Explore how the Christ of the New Testament is the fulfillment of the Old Testament. Explore how the gospels and the letters reveal different aspects of Christ, yet at the same time, present a united witness. These studies will reveal Jesus Christ as the proper object of our worship, witness and hope, and as deserving the description incomparable. For he has neither rivals nor peers.