Fees are 1% for each ACH transaction (checking account) or 2.3% plus $0.30 for each Credit/Debit Card transaction.

Click on the "Give Here" link above and follow the instructions to set up your account. You will need an active email account.

Allow 24 hours for ACH account verification to show up in your checking (it will be two small deposits of less than a dollar and then they will debited out a few days later). Using your debit card attached to your checking account is NOT the same as an ACH transaction, the higher fees will apply to a debit card.

For more immediate donations use a credit/debit card.

We ask that you consider giving the extra percentage to help offset the cost of the fees, (example for a $100 gift, adding $1 for ACH transaction or $2.60 for credit card transactions).

Fees are deducted from your gift before they are deposited into our account (for example: if you give $100 the actual gift will be $99.00 for ACH transactions and $97.40 for Credit Card transactions, but your account will only show the actual gift of $100).

If you have any questions about our eGiving please email us or speak with Pastor Kevin Radford.

Note: at present we are only offering giving towards our general fund, we plan to add other accounts in the future.